Exterior Features

We provide many different exterior features to chose from. These features can create different home styles, different construction costing and different home appeal. As our client you get to create your home, as to your taste and your budget.

Standard exterior features
-  Brick & Vinyl siding
- 25 Year asphalt shingles
- Maintenance Free PVC Slider Windows
- Aluminum soffits & facia
- Steel Entry doors
- Frost proof exterior taps

Optional exterior features
-  Upgraded house - size and/or style
-  Larger garage - finished garage
-  All brick or stone or stucco  or upgraded siding
- 30 year shingles
- Metal roofing
-  PVC Casement Windows
-  Rear deck
- Custom stone sidewalks
- Custom stone driveways
- Custom landscaping
- Exterior post lighting

Page last updated by Sue St Louis on 05/15/2013.